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Avanti Advanced Manufacturing offers a fresh perspective on lean manufacturing. We’re carving out an industry of our own as a leader in high-quality and cost-competitive injection molded products.

Our philosophy is not just about saving money by cutting waste in manufacturing, but also about examining the manufacturing process from a panoramic perspective to keep costs low. The long-term relationships we have cultivated with our offshore partners — mold makers and component suppliers — allow us to bring you a superior product at a superior price. That’s just one of the ways we’ve streamlined our business from concept to production.

Whether you need simple injection molding or complete consulting — we do it all. We bring your idea to life by building a prototype in a smooth process that ends in mass production in our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility located minutes from the U.S.-Canada border and major interstate highways.


At Avanti, we use reputable tool steel manufacturers for our injection molds. Every customer is given an authentication certificate guaranteeing the quality and composition of the tool steel. All components used on the injection mold meet DME standards. We use hot runner from Husky, Mold Master, Hasco, Incoe and DME. Want to use another system? We’re happy to use an alternative steel manufacturer or system — just ask.

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